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Goddess Danielle

Give everything up for Me...

New Clips !!

My clip store is now up and running at Clips 4 Sale. Go and fucking pay for all of them and make sure you get ass back their daily to keep paying.


I'm Back !!
OK dorks, I'm back and ready to build the biggest empire of workers, cuckolds, shoppers and pay pigs this fetish has ever scene !

I have one of My workers setting up My clips4sale stores as we speak, so look out for updates.

Here's a sneak preview of some of the footage !!

1st Auction

Ok I am getting bored of the amount of dorks requesting it so here it is!! Your chance to spend every night of the week (probably friday and saturday too knowing you lot) with your head buried in My worn items. One sniff will have your piggy tail wagging to attention and have you rushing for those credit cards!! This is going to cost you.

Item 1 - Pink Heels

Item 2 - Black Seemed Stockings

Bids can be made here or message Me at Glam Worship. Oh and keep signing up with My code freaks!



Attention Losers!!!

I have just booked my flight to Dubai for 1st till 6th dec with my beautiful sister, I want a room at the burj al Arab, it's one of the worlds best hotels, and would you expect me to stay in anything less???? Which slave going to fund my trip??. One night, two nights, three nights? How much are you going to give up for my lavish holiday?

Yeh, this is definately another one for the cuckies!!!

I want to be taken shopping by one of you in one of dubai's Lavish shopping malls! Any of you richer losers have a yacht out there? This trip is going to be an expensive lavish affair that I will be taking pictures of to reward those who funded it!! I'm also planning on going on webcam while I'm in the bur al Arab to the slave who has paid for my room!!!

So what are you waiting for message Me for more details!!

Worship these boots losers!


A Message for the cuckolds..

I have to admit, this was a new one to Me!

I mean I had no idea there were so many of you pencil-dicked wimps out there with wives and girlfriends you're so unable to satisfy! I believe you when you say they are out fucking other men and I'm sure it didn't take much persuasion!!! They were probably doing it BEFORE they caught you face down in the laundry basket!! D'uh!

And so you come to Me. You look at Me, My perfect body, My huge breasts, My divine ass - whilst you sit there with that tiny maggot in your pants! I guess it is no suprise I am turning into the cuckold's dream (Maybe thats why My Giantess clips are so popular too). You KNOW you could never ever, ever fuck Me or any woman who looked half as good as Me!

So the closest you can get to satisfying Me, is to pay and pay and pay. Pay for My dates, My lingerie, My shoes, so I look good for a Real Man.

Don't be sad, just accept it. You were born this way.


P.S. I will be doing some cuckold auctions soon!! In the mean time, keep paying!

New wishlist!! Start spending piggies!


How much would YOU pay to get this close to My feet?

This gimp paid a lot! LOL!!

My Cam (A glimpse of what you Losers are missing!!)