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Attention Losers!!!

I have just booked my flight to Dubai for 1st till 6th dec with my beautiful sister, I want a room at the burj al Arab, it's one of the worlds best hotels, and would you expect me to stay in anything less???? Which slave going to fund my trip??. One night, two nights, three nights? How much are you going to give up for my lavish holiday?

Yeh, this is definately another one for the cuckies!!!

I want to be taken shopping by one of you in one of dubai's Lavish shopping malls! Any of you richer losers have a yacht out there? This trip is going to be an expensive lavish affair that I will be taking pictures of to reward those who funded it!! I'm also planning on going on webcam while I'm in the bur al Arab to the slave who has paid for my room!!!

So what are you waiting for message Me for more details!!

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