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Goddess Danielle

Give everything up for Me...

1 January
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This is the luckiest day of your pathetic existence... I am Dannii Harwood (Goddess Danielle to you) you may know me from bangbabes and tease me tv, in particular my Domination Show every wednesday 9pm til 1am. I have joined Glam Worship to allow all the slaves who have worshipped Me from a far, to contact Me, to serve Me and to be completely controlled by Me.

I adore dominating, humiliating and using losers like you, so pull out your wallet, credit cards and beg to give everything to Me. From now on, you will pay for My dates, lingerie, bills (and whatever else I wish!) whilst you sit at home drooling over My photos and video clips, waiting for the next time you can see My perfection. Watch Me laugh at you, whilst you grovel for My attention. You cannot stop this addiction...
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